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In less than two weeks, the Reserve Bank may – or may not – announce another OCR cut to 0.75 per cent (or even 0.5 per cent). But ASB economists believe that, this time, the mortgage rate drop will be minor.

ASB expects the RBNZ to cut the OCR 25 basis points apiece in March and May.

“Fixed-term mortgage interest rates could dip further too if the RBNZ cuts the OCR, and the wholesale interest rates fall further,” ASB’s new report reads. “In saying this, we stress that large falls in carded mortgage rates have already occurred over the past couple of years. We think that any declines will be minor (circa 0.25%-0.5%) compared with the declines recorded in 2018/19.”

But OCR cuts aren’t the only coronavirus-related news affecting the property market. The impact of the outbreak could soon hit KiwiSaver accounts, and with them, prospective first-home buyers who were relying on their KiwiSaver funds to purchase a house. As Sorted’s editor Tom Hartmann said, “The key question KiwiSaver members should ask themselves right now is ‘How soon do I need that money? If the answer is sooner rather than later, they should talk to their provider about whether they should switch to a cash fund.”

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