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There’s nothing quite like days spent lounging around in the garden, meals eaten under the stars and drinks in the sunshine. But if your outdoor living area is starting to feel a bit dated, you might be thinking about giving it a facelift this summer.

The good news is, outdoor living spaces are relatively easy and inexpensive to update. Here are a few nice-to-haves to think about adding this season.

A focal point

When you’re relaxing in the garden, it’s nice to have something that acts as a focal point for guests to rest their eyes on. This might be an interesting plant on the edge of your entertaining area, a fire pit or a fountain. Freshome says a good focal point is one of the most fundamental elements of interior (or, in this case exterior) design because it’s the emphasis point around which you can set up the rest of your living space.

Great seating

We’ve long passed the days when a battered wooden picnic table would cut it for garden furniture. To really maximise the use of your outdoor area, throw out a mix of options – some bean bags, an outdoor sofa set, perhaps a swinging chair or a day bed. This means you’ll have the perfect spot to relax in whether you’re eating, drinking or just luxuriating.


To make your outdoor living area even more versatile, add some shade. You could achieve this with a shade sail, gazebo, pergola or some well-placed trees. The addition of shade will mean you can linger for hours even on the hottest days.


Don’t forget your outdoor lighting. Keep the party going even when the sun goes down by adding some lights that are bright enough to light up your entertaining space. Some solar lights along pathways can be useful for tracks further away from the house and ornamental lighting in the trees or other plants can take a garden from average to awesome.

A great barbecue

If you want to cook lots of your meals outdoors over summer, don’t skimp on your barbecue. A four- or six-burner gas model should be big enough for larger gatherings – but the bigger it is, the more fuel it will take to run. A built-in warming rack is a good idea if you’re cooking for lots of people with things that are ready at different times. Charcoal barbecues add a distinctive flavour but can be a longer cooking process.


Extend your outdoor season with the addition of some heating. An outdoor gas heater will give off some gentle heat to keep you warm even when the sun has gone down. Other options include an outdoor fireplace or outdoor radiant electric heater. Bunnings recommends thinking about the size of the space you want to heat and how it will fit in with the look of your garden. You might also want to stash a chest of throw rugs and extra pillows under your table for guests to reach for if there’s a breeze.

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