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It’s the season for getting a break from the real world. But if you’re planning a trip away from home with your family, you’ll probably want to be sure that your house and belongings are safe while you’re gone.

Here are a few things you can do to improve the safety of your home – even when you’re not there.

Tell your neighbours what you’re up to

It seems simple, but just telling your neighbours that you’re gone – and for how long – can make a big difference. They’ll keep an eye out for anything odd going on and could collect your mail and pick up any packages that arrive, so your absence isn’t noticeable.

Make it look like you’re likely to pop home any minute

Don’t leave all the curtains shut and the house obviously unlived in. Ask a neighbour to park in your driveway, as this Newshub piece about a former burglar suggests, and have the lawn mowed if you’re going to be gone for a long time.

Get a good alarm system

Modern home security systems are very advanced and give you the ability to check in from wherever you are, if you want to. You can also opt to have them monitored so that if the alarm goes off, someone turns up to check the house – you don’t have to rely on your neighbours being brave enough to go over and do it.

Don’t tell the world that you’re gone

It’s super tempting to boast about your holidays online but unless you have very secure social media settings, you’re probably best to way until you get back. That way, you aren’t advertising your holiday to the world.

Think about your packaging

If you’ve just unwrapped some expensive Christmas presents, don’t leave the boxes out with your general recycling. This just advertises the fact that you’ve got some stuff worth stealing. Instead, take it straight to the dump.

Consider a safe

If you’re leaving your laptop, high-end gadgets or expensive jewellery behind, you might want to invest in a safe to keep them locked up in. You can get them for less than a hundred dollars.

Install cameras

You can pick up security cameras relatively cheaply that provide a stream of footage to your phone. This lets you check in on your home any time you feel the need, no matter where in the world you are.

Keep your house maintained

Any windows that don’t shut properly or neglected sliding doors can become easy ways in for people wanting to break into your house. Make sure everything closes and locks as it should.

Double-bolt your house

Don’t rely on one set of locks – have bolts installed on all your doors so that anyone who wants to get in or out needs a key to open those, too. Think about things such as sheds and garages, too. They should have their own locks.

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