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When you’ve got a few weeks off work, the sun is shining and you’re ambling around home without much to worry about, the idea of a DIY project can become extra tempting.

Here are some easy DIY projects to get busy with, according to the experts.

Add outdoor seating

Most of the year, a couple of outdoor chairs or an all-weather sofa seem like ample furniture for your garden. But when you’re throwing Christmas parties and summer get-togethers, it can start to feel like there’s not quite enough seating.

WikiHow has a great tutorial on how to make a couple of waterproof beanbags to pop under a tree. Alternatively, you can add chairs and benches in different parts of your garden. It doesn’t have to be in traditional dining areas – anywhere you or your guests might like to linger could benefit from somewhere to recline.

What about an outdoor bar?

You could take it up a notch with your own outdoor bar. Better Homes and Gardens offers this example, created with a couple of ladders, a bit of wood and some boxes. It wouldn’t take much to create a luxurious focal point for your afternoon entertaining.

Add a shade sail

Odd as it sounds, sometimes it’s just a bit too sunny to stay outdoors. If you could do with a bit of extra shade in your garden, consider a shade sail. Mitre 10 says all you’ll need is the fabric, some timber, bolts, screws and some concrete... and a bit of time to pull it all together.

If you want to create a bit more space outside to last you through the cooler months, you could also consider something such as an archgola for a bit more protection.

Revamp an underused part of your garden

Most houses have that corner of the garden – the bit that’s become a bit unsightly and overgrown, but no one bothers too much about. You can switch it up by adding in a few DIY-painted plant pots (here are a few examples), or adding a screen to hide things such as your washing line or rubbish bins, if they’re creating a less than ideal view.

Install some outdoor lighting

Great lighting can transform a space from ho-hum to amazing. Think about some pretty fairy lights along the balcony rails, some solar-powered lights to illuminate your paths, and maybe some lanterns from the trees.

Give your kitchen a quick facelift

You might wonder how this could make it on to an “easy” DIY list, but giving a kitchen a cosmetic lift may not be as difficult as it sounds. The DIY Network has some tips if you’re not sure how to proceed: as long as the cabinetry is sound, you can simply repaint the doors and add new cupboard handles. The effect can be amazing, for relatively little money.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy your time off – whether it’s by the beach or around your toolbox. We look forward to seeing you in the new year.


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