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Your home should be your retreat from the world. The place you feel most relaxed, and where you can have everything exactly as you want it.

But sometimes things don’t work out quite the way they should and, whether it’s clutter, mismatching décor or a wrong layout, your home can start to feel a little less relaxing than it should.

Here are five ways to boost the relaxation factor of your home, according to the experts.


Unless you’re the type of person who lives alone in a happy mess and knows that everything is always exactly where they left it, clutter can quickly become overwhelming.

Not being able to find the things you want when you want them can be stressful, and the mere fact of having piles of stuff around you can make it hard to put your mind at ease.

Psychology Today says mess causes stress – it makes our minds work overtime dealing with all the stimuli, and it can be hard to really take time out if you’re constantly half-wondering if you (or someone else) should be tidying up.

As Marie Kondo espouses, only hold on to the stuff you really love and make sure you have a designated place for it.

Let your home flow

Interior design expert Jane Eyles-Bennett says a house needs to be set up as a whole, not as a series of separate rooms that function independently.

Although each should be its own space in its own right, it should be easy to walk from one room to another, and the furniture should be set up to reflect the way you most often use the rooms.

Indulge in the things you love

Many people are reluctant to spend money on things that seem frivolous. But if you love a piece of art, a particular bunch of flowers, a certain smell or a great throw rug, it can become a type of shorthand for relaxation and reward when you get home. Allow yourself to spend on one or two things that you know will mean a lot to you.


It’s often an afterthought but great lighting can make a big difference to your mood. According to experts, if you have the task lighting you need in the spots you need it, it reduces the effort it takes to do things such as work or cook. You can amp up your natural light with carefully placed mirrors and pop some floor or table lamps around the house as another option when you want a more toned-down and snuggly feel.

Think about your décor

Design psychologist Sally Augustin says some small changes can make things feel quite different.

Curved lines on furniture were often more relaxing, she said, and cushioned chairs around the dining room table were more likely to make people feel at ease.

Bright colours should be kept to decorate rooms such as the kitchen or laundry whereas you might want your dining space in warm tones and your bedroom blue.

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