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Did you know that mortgage advice is not our sole area of expertise? Mortgage Link also offers non-aligned insurance advice and can help tailor solutions that meet your clients’ requirements and fit their budget.

As you know, taking out a mortgage is a long-term financial commitment, and a lot can happen in people’s lives over the course of this commitment. Our aim is to help Kiwi families keep a roof over their head, and make sure their financial future is protected – no matter what life throws their way.

From personal insurance to home & contents, many of our Mortgage Link and Insurance Link advisers are able to provide risk management advice and insurance quotes specific to any circumstances. Importantly, we work with all major insurance providers to ensure your clients’ needs are met at all times.

Visit our Insurance Link’s website to learn more about what we do in this space, how we do it and where to find us. Having an insurance plan in place can provide much-needed financial security during times of uncertainty – it may help your clients spend less time worrying and more time enjoying their life, their time with family, and their hard-earned property.


To get in touch with the team at Mortgage Link, please contact:

Josh Bronkhorst
[email protected]
021 835 506


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