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Senior journalist David Hargreaves has recently published a compelling analysis, comparing mortgage stats and KiwiSaver withdrawal data.

According to the IRD, KiwiSaver first-home withdrawals have almost doubled since 2016 – from $494 million to the current $986 million. So, KiwiSaver is proving to be a great tool for new buyers coming into the market. But as Hargreaves rightly notes, it’s also important to make sure that those early withdrawals don’t make retirement planning a lot more challenging.

He suggests that KiwiSaver be re-organised to include a retirement savings fund and a separate ‘home start’ category, so that one goal doesn’t compromise the other. It might be a good idea; until then, understanding the pros and cons is crucial. Like many things in life, financial decisions are all about choosing a course of action that creates the most value, and our Mortgage Link advisers can help point your clients in the right direction.


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