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After years of shifting conditions, property investors are dipping their toes in the market – especially the ‘mum and dad’ investors.

In July, according to CoreLogic’s data, mortgaged investors accounted for 25% of all property purchases across New Zealand, back to market share levels that hadn’t been seen since late 2016. The trend was particularly evident in Dunedin, Tauranga and Hamilton, where local buyers are looking for rental property opportunities.

With banks starting to ease their LVR regulations, rents rising and many term deposit rates dropping, those who are considering investing for income may be on the hunt for solid property opportunities.

Meanwhile, some economists expect NZ house price growth to pick up to five or six per cent next year, and we may already see the first signs in Spring. Now is a good time for first-home buyers to get on the ladder, and as always, our Mortgage Link advisers are here to help them secure the right mortgage.


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